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On Thursday, November 20, 2003, the Marina Hills Association received our Petition requesting a Special Meeting regarding the fence color of the wrought iron fence of the perimeter walls within Marina Hills:






Reaction to this letter:

Thursday, November 20, 2003: Mr. Tinnelly called and acknowledged the receipt of the above petition.

The Special Meeting, according the Marina Hills Bylaws, needs to scheduled within 20 days of receipt of a petition.

Day 9: As of Friday, November 28, no response has been received.

Day 16: As of Saturday, December 6, no response has been received.

Day 21: As of Thursday, December 13, no response has been received. The Board has missed ther deadline and is now in violation of the Bylaws.

December 15: A letter requesting immediate action by the Board was sent the Law Office of Mr. Tinnelly on Behalf of the Board of Direectors.

        Proof of Delivery of the Petition to Mr Tinnelly's Office.    

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          Did Mr. Wilson know the result of fence color survey in advance that they
painted their fence in black more than 8 month ago?
Bel Fiore Homeowner 0401060856
          The entrance gate to the subject residence [from your Commingling page] seems to be BLACK !!!    
Monaco Homeowner 0401060856
          This survey was a sham, green won the vote but was split between two green colors. This vote should have been run like the governor selection:
         Vote for Black or Green. If Green which color Green.
This way we would have had an accurate count of Black vs Green.
Terracina Homeowner 0312310926
          I have lived in Marina Hills for almost 14 years. ... last month I booked ... [the] clubhouse. [We were] appalled at how dirty the kitchen looked.  The refrigerator needed a good cleaning! YUCK!  [One family member] made a comment on who choose the color for the doors.  She thought they looked tacky painted in black.  Our homes have a Mediterranean look and I feel black does not fit in with the color scheme.     
Marina Hills Homeowner 0402072017
          Join us and save Marina Hills    
          Come to a HOA meeting to verify that it is really true
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