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This is a facsimile copy of the "official" Marina Hills Newsletter, sent out at a cost of $3,418.00 per issue.

Does this "official" newsletter really inform the homeowners of Marina Hills?

It delivers an excuse why two months after the November 2003 board meeting we still don't have any published minutes.

It tells that it will take another two months before [a summary of] the November 2003 minutes will be printed in the March 2004 issue.

It does NOT tell us the agenda for the upcoming Board of Directors meeting less than 10 days away.

It does NOT tell us the phone number of any board member!

It does NOT tell us about the controversy of the counting of the votes for the recent CC&R Amendment of Article VIII, Section 8.18.

It does not tell us about two pending homeowners' petitions.

As of this writing (January 4, 2004) the dates on page 3 "Important Dates to Remember" do not correlate with the dates published on the "official" Marina Hills web site.

The self-serving article "WE'RE LOOKING GOOD!!!" on the front page is, in my opinion, very similar to "news" from a totalitarian regime: The information published has nothing to do with reality.

Are we receiving a good value for our money? A newsletter that reports OLD news and nothing about the real issues that concern Marina Hills homeowners.

Compare this newsletter to the "unofficial" Newsletter.






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