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Term Limits Petition Summer/Fall 2004

From now to December 3, 2004, the Marina Hills homeowners can vote on term limits for Marina Hills Directors.

On Saturday, October 30, 2004, each of the 1,538 homeowner within Marina Hills should have received via mail a letter with voting documents.

Although the letter is self explanatory, this web page gives you additional background information to help you better understand the reasons, procedures and technicalities concerning this vote.

Specifically you will find more info on the following subjects and questions:

History of Term Limits petitions within Marina Hills
aka "How many petitions can you stand"

There are two sets of 'Term Limit' petitions that have been presented to the Board of Director of the Marina Hills Planned Community Association within 2004: The first petition was presented on January 13, 2004, this current set of three petitions was presented on September 8, 2004.

Each set of 'Term Limit' petitions was signed by more than 5% of the Marina Hills homeowners. Each set of 'Term Limit' petitions asks the Board to allow the Marina Hills homeowners to vote on three issues:

1) Limitation of Number of Terms for Directors
2) Elections rather than Appointments for Vacancies on the Board
3) Immediate Effectiveness of Term Limitations for Directors

The Directors, according to the Bylaws are required to call a Special Meeting of the Members within 20 days of receipt of the petition. The Directors violated the Marina Hills Bylaws! Arrogantly, in a letter from March 3, 2004 they denied the homeowner's legal right to vote. The Directors (Linda Baker, Jane Dry, Chuck Johnston, Vito Ferrante and 12-year veteran Tom Szwajkos) did not provide a reason for violating the homeowners rights.

During the July 2004 Board meeting Linda Baker gave a questioning homeowner an appalling explanation stating that the January 13, 2004 petition was wrong, because it petitioned more than one issue. The Summer 2004 newsletter issue reports in response: "Linda Baker is absolutely wrong, neither the CC&Rs nor the Bylaws allow any Director to qualify and/or turn down any properly presented homeowners' petition." As a tactic to get the ball rolling again, and to eliminate the Directors' argument (however wrong it may be) the petitioning homeowners drafted this new and current set of petitions.

One more time: this current set of three petitions asks for the same three issues that the single January 13, 2004 petition asked for. The current set of petition again was signed by more than 5% of all Marina Hills homeowners. The 5% group of homeowners having signed the January 2004 petition is almost completely different from the group having signed the September 2004 petition, therefore, a total of almost 10% of all Marina Hills homeowners have expressed an interest to see term limits.

Is this mailing from Keystone Pacific or from SaveMarinaHills? Is it an official mailing?

It is an official mailing and it has been prepared in cooperation between SaveMarinaHills volunteers and Keystone Pacific personnel.

SaveMarinaHills volunteers have, in cooperation with a lawyer, drafted the documents, SaveMarinaHills volunteers have duplicated the letters and prepared the mailing. Keystone Pacific personnel have attached the mailing labels and submitted the letters for mailing to the US Post Office.

The entire cost for the mailing (about $2450.00, including lawyer fees, printing, postage, reimbursement for Keystone Pacific personnel) has been paid by SaveMarinaHills volunteers.

Where can I find a copy of the current text of the CC&R and Bylaws?

This web site has the current text on the resources ( page.


Is there a copy of the pages that I received in the US mail available online?

Yes. This web site has the pages that were mailed to all Marina Hills homeowners available online. (

Are there volunteer opportunities to help with the vote?

Yes. We indeed need volunteers to help collect Revocable Proxies from homeowners. Please email us or call at 949-218-7408 to offer your help. Thank you.

Where can I get more info so I can make a decision on how to vote for term limits?

The "Term Limits - Pros and Cons" page has been prepared to allow Marina Hills homeowners to both read and submit their own comments?






The actual petition signed by the members can be found at the Term Limit Petition submission page.





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Page Last Updated October 30, 2004