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This is an email from one of the concerned homeowners.

From: "Concerned Homeowner"
Subject: content of this website
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2003 08:44:15 -0800
To: <>

Dear Mr. Strupat,

Like yourself, my wife and I have been Marina Hills residents since the
development was new.

I have also had a passing interest in the activities of the HOA over the
years, periodically attending meetings etc. During my 14+ years living in
Marina Hills I have never witnessed such blatant disregard for the spirit of
the CC&R's and the Rules and Regulations as I have in the past several
months. I have attended several board meetings during this time. The
meetings seem to be run by the property management representative, Ms.
Denise Bergstrom, with virtually no input or response to member questions
from the board of directors. The board appears to either be stonewalling
issues or deciding to simply not respond at all, forcing members to take
action on their own behalf.

I did not attend the last meeting in which you were threatened with physical
and verbal assault, and have recently become aware of the ensuing criminal
threats and other criminal actions of vandalism. I am appalled to say the
least to hear of such things.

It seems very suspicious to me that your car would be vandalized multiple
times while parked in front of the Wilson residence, particularly in light
of the fact that Mr. Calvin Wilson, Secretary to the HOA Board of Directors,
appears to have much to answer for in terms of conflicts of interest, new
perimeter fence colors (that match his own) and other issues. I am sure the
police are investigating any links, either direct or indirect, between Mr.
Wilson and those that have made verbal and / or physical threats and
vandalism to your property. Any such links to individuals who have committed
crimes of this nature would constitute circumstantial evidence that would
potentially be enough to have Mr. Wilson arrested for his direct or indirect
involvement in these criminal acts.

With the suspicious activities regarding threats and vandalism that seem to
stem from your legal activities (e.g. parking in front of the Wilson
residence) it would appear to be appropriate for the other board members to
ask for Mr. Wilson's resignation from the HOA Board of Directors. Due to the
suspicious and circumstantial nature of the threats and vandalism that seem
to lead back to Mr. Wilson in some way, shape, or form, it would appear to
put the board at liability if they do not request Mr. Wilson's resignation.

I am in support of Mrs. Ris's petition to have the CC&R's amended pursuant
to her proposed changes, and I am in support of your amendment in regard to
conflicts of interest between board members and other related parties of any
type that receive remuneration for services from our association dues. This
is not the first time this issue has been raised over the years. Hopefully
it will be resolved pursuant to the present course of action.

On a final note, it saddens me to see the recent conflicts between board
members and association members. On a personal note, my wife and I have
known Mrs. Cheryl Wilson for many years and consider her a friend. On the
other hand, the obvious conflict of interest of her being employed by the
HOA, and her husband Cal being a board member, is something I do not believe
to be proper or ethical. I do not know Cheryl's husband, Cal, on a personal
level. I have witnessed him become heated and argumentative with association
members in the past, including on a few occasions the threat of violence or
incitement to violence toward other association members. It would seem to be
in the Wilson's and the association's best interest to either have Cheryl
resign her position as Recreation Center Director or have her husband Calvin
resign from the board and any subcommittees, including, but not limited to,
his position as Secretary of the Board of Directors and member of the
Architectural Committee.


Concerned Homeowner
xxxxxx District

        The identity of this homeowners is known to the publishers of this website. It has been withheld to protect the homeowner from any reprisals.    

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