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$1000 Cash Reward

My name is Hans Strupat. I live in the Bel Fiore district. I have lived there since March 1988, that is almost 16 years.

Over the years I have had some, but on average only a modest interest in the affairs of the HOA. For the last six months, basically since the Clubhouse was painted black, I have taken a closer look at the way our HOA is governed and managed.

By now I am shocked about the disrespect with which the Board is treating the homeowners, who there are supposed to represent.

So, after the last monthly meeting, on October 8, when Mrs. Bergstrom told us that we are not allowed to park our cars in the street of the HOA, I decided that it was time for some civil disobedience. The type of civil disobedience that we teach to our children in school, the peaceful but annoying civil disobedience that was practiced by great man like Mahathma Ghandi or Martin Luther King.

I decided to park one of my cars in front of the house of a member of the board of directors. I picked the house closest to my house, that is a house on Milos. That happens to be the house of Mr Calvin Wilson, the secretary. That is the house with the black fence and the black awning and the black trim.

Parking a car, even it is a Mercedes, in front our your neighbor's house is not neighborly, but it is legal. This was not an act of love, but one of civil disobedience.

Within about 72 hours the licence plates were stolen from the car. The police considers this theft a criminal action.

The next Saturday morning at 8:15AM I get a phone call from a person with a heavy spanish accent, identifying himself as the guard from the clubhouse. I had never met this person. The person called me obscene names, specifically using the F-Word directly addressed at me.

Later this weekend my car was towed, despite the fact that I had regularly moved it from Milos to Valle Vista. The police officer, who had taken the police report on the stolen license plate, had given me incorrect advise about the exact detail of the LN municipal code. Because of this incorrect advise, the City decided to share the cost of releasing the car from the towing company.

As soon as I had retrieved the car I parked it again in front of the house of the same member of the board of Directors. Within about 24 hours the tires were slashed. The police is treating this as a case of vandalism.

In order to help solve this type of crime in our neighborhood I am offering a $1,000 cash reward for the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who committed or ordered to have this crime committed.

Specifics of the Reward:

$1000 Cash Reward for the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who committed or ordered to have committed the following criminal acts:

On or about October 12, 2003, the CA licence plate 4PLA619 was stolen from a silver Mercedes 300SD parked on the corner of Milos/Valle Vista. (Police report #03-219342)

On or about October 20, 2003, a tire of the same silver Mercedes 300SD was slashed while parked on Milos. (Police report #03-226725)

Please submit information to the Laguna Niguel Police Department (Sergeant Gillmore 949-362-4308) or confidentially contact


The police has these nails in evidence for the purpose of extracting fingerprints.

One way to prove who committed the criminal act is to provide fingerprints of a potential suspect to the police for comparison.


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