Reestablish a democratic decision making process in Marina Hills  
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Why does Marina Hills need to be saved?

This site is put together and maintained by a group of concerned Marina Hills homeowners. We feel that the Board of Directors and the management company are not representing the interest of the majority of the homeowners.

We feel that both the Board of Directors, the presently employed management company Keystone Pacific, as well as certain vendors, for example the security company, are not working for us, the homeowners, but against us.

Each of us is paying at least $102 per month in Homeowner Association fees for an annual budget of almost $2,000,000. This budget is controlled by the Board of Directors and Keystone Pacific. The forces, especially from the management company and certain vendors, like lawyers, are VERY strong to maintain the status quo. Nobody wants to loose $2 million dollars in revenue. But is OUR money.

The goal of SaveMarinaHills is to make our money work FOR us, not AGAINST us. SaveMarinaHills wants to reestablish a democratic decision making process for the Board of Directors. SaveMarinaHills wants to ensure that the Board of Directors and Keystone Pacific stop employing what we feel are harassment techniques to force homeowners into compliance for trivial things.




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Page Last Updated May 9, 2004