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2004 Marina Hills Budget

This budget was sent to all all homeowners in November 2003.

In the future we will take a closer look at all line items. For now take notice of the following items:

The salary expense (line item 8910) of $49,380 plus payroll related expenses (line items 8915, 8920 and 8950) of $11,856 for a total of $61,236 for the employee of the Board Mrs. Cheryl Wilson.

The newsletter expense $18,108 (line item 8456) plus the newsletter mailing expemse (line item 8457) $2,400 for a cost per issue of $3,418.

The mailing cost for the newsletter (line item 8457) of $2400 could be reduced by almost $800.00 per year by using proper mailing labels! The mailing cost of the newsletter is about 30% less than the mailing of the official newsletter. That would have saved us more than $10,000 since Mrs. Cheryl Wilson has been in office and has mailed the newsletter.

The legal expense going mostly to Mr. Tinnelly's office (line item 8365) of $38,040. As we know, the legal services of Mr Tinnelly are mostly used AGAINST the homeowners, not for the homeowners. Mr. Tinnelly works for the Directors of the Board, not for the homeowners.

Telephone expenses (line item 5255) of $4,800. None of the Board members have a phone number published in the newsletter - so it can't be them?!?! Are we paying for the cell phone service of Mrs Cheryl Wilson? That would be on top of her salary!

Cable service (line item 5270) of $720. This seems to be exclusively for the benefit of the employee of the Board, Mrs Cheryl Wilson. Please recall the recent board meeting where the Directors of the Board, specifically Mr. Tom Szwajkos, refused to consider the proposal of a homeowner to provide wireless internet access to all members in the club house.








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