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Comments about Board meetings

Below you find a copy of the Board meetings from the October 2003 General Session, signed by Chuck Johnston.

Unfortunately these minutes are not complete and certainly do not reflect the true mood of the meeting. The meeting was outright hostile, when homeowner after homeowner spoke about a variety of issues, but then was stonewalled by the board and/or the Mrs. Denise Bergstrom from Keystone Pacific.

Specifically, there are two major omissions in the minutes:

1) Mr. Roberts besides what is mentioned in the minutes below (see Page 8), enumerated the constant bombardment from the Board/Keystone Pacific on minor issues, such as "a brown palm leaf", or his "putting out the trash before its due time." Since Mr. Roberts spoke eloquently, Mrs. Jane Dry, attempted to cut short his speech by "hitting her little hammer on the table", pretending his time was up. The homeowner, however, having received 11 (eleven) letters with these type of complaints from the Board/Keystone Pacific insisted to continue his speech. He stated that he considers this constant bombardment a form of harassment, and that he shall consider, after listening to many other homeowners having received similar complaints from the Board/Keystone Pacific, filing a Class Action Suit against the Board of Directors of the Marina Hills Association. The homeowner got much applause and comments of agreement from the homeowners in the audience. He advised the board members to make sure that they have good coverage on their "Errors and Omissions" insurance.


2) At the end of the meeting one homeowner asked whether, for the time being, they should park their cars in the driveway or on the street. Mrs Denise Bergstrom stated that according to the CC&Rs, "homeowners are not allowed to park in the street." Mrs Bergstrom made this comment, knowing very well, that the Board of Directors of Marina Hills and/or Keystone Pacific do NOT have jurisdiction over the streets in Marina Hills. The streets are city streets; the City of Laguna Niguel has jurisdiction. None of the Directors of the Board spoke up to clarify this issue, all of them omitted to correct Mrs Bergstrom's statement. It is Mrs. Bergstrom's comment and the subsequent omission of the Board to correct this comment that triggered the parking of a member's car in front of the house of one of the Directors of the Board.



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