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Board Meetings

The Bylaws and the CC&Rs require that the Directors hold a board meeting every month. The Directors of the Board actually hold such a meeting most (but not all) months.

For Marina Hills homeowners the Board Meeting is the ONLY OPPORTUNITY to speak to a Director of the Board. The Board members' phone numbers are not published on the official website or in the official newsletter. There is no avenue where homeowners can have a dialogue with the Directors of the Board. President Jane Dry stated:

"[Homeowners] can always write a letter to the Board to express their concerns".

In reality a large number of letters written to the Board are not answered. The Directors' attorney Richard Tinnelly has stated in a letter from November 5, 2003:

"The Board Members value their personal time and receive no compensation for their duties. When they are at home they are 'off duty' and do not want to be contacted and/or forced to deal with official association matters."

The Directors control the meeting! They have limited the maximum time that any homeowner is allowed to talk to 3 minutes. They have limited the maximum time for all homeowners together to 15 minutes (as can be seen in the January 2004 and February 2004 agenda). On several occasions they are refusing to answer questions.

The Bylaws and the CC&Rs require that the time and place of the meeting is published in a public place. The official newsletter states: "The monthly Master Board Meeting Agenda will be posted, each month, on the two recreation center glass-enclosed bulletin boards approximately one week prior to the monthly meeting."

The Board and/or the Management Company do NOT publish the agenda for this meeting on the offcial web site or in the official newsletter. SaveMarinaHills publishes the agenda on this web site, so homeowners do have the chance to read about the decisions that the board is about to make, before they are actually made.

According to the Davis-Sterling Act (California Civil Code Sections 1350 to 1376) require that minutes of the meeting be made available to the homeowners within 30 days of the meeting. SaveMarinaHills publishes these minutes.

Finally, we welcome the opinionated impression of homeowners who participated in the meetings.

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