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Commingling of Services

On Friday, December 5, 2003, a worker from Villa Park Landscape Services, within a 10-minute time frame, was observed to work both in the private backyard of the house of one of the Directors on the Board as well as on the common ground of the Marina Hills fountains.

This case of obvious commingling of Marina Hills Association vendor's services has been documented in the following photos:


        Fernando hosing the Wilson sidewalk

At 2:19 P.M. a young landscape worker, Fernando, hoses down sidewalk in front of 2 Milos, the residence of one of the Board of Directors of the Marina Hills Association.


        Wilson hose Several minutes later he is working with the hose on the red bricks.    
        Wilson balck wrought iron gate At 2:25 P.M. Fernando stores the green curly garden hose inside the black wrought iron fence of the Wilson residence.    
        Fernando talking Fernando talks with coworkers in truck.    
        private gate at Wilson backyard Fernando enters the backyard of the Wilson residence through a private door in the Marina Hills perimeter wall. He stays there for several minutes.    
        Wilson residence Cleaned red brickwork and hosed down sidewalk of the Wilson residence. Calvin Wilson is Secretary of the Marina Hills Association Board. The Board employs Calvin's wife Cheryl Wilson as the Activities and Facilities Director.    
        cleaned brick work Cleaned red brickwork and hosed down sidewalk of the Wilson residence.    
        cleaned side walk Cleaned and hosed down sidewalk in front of the Wilson residence.    
        Fernando and crew Six minutes later Fernando joins the crew of Villa Park Landscape Services working on the Marina Hills fountain at the intersection of Tropea and Villamoura.    
        Fernando working Immediately afterwards, at 2:35 P.M., Fernando helps to load landscape debris onto the truck of Villa Park Landscape Services.    
        Viall PArk Landscape Services Villa Park Landscape Services truck.    
        A letter has been sent to the Association attorney Richard Tinnelly with a copy to each Board member requesting an explanation of the commingling of services and to answer a number of questions regarding a growing concern about misappropriation of HOA services and/or funds. small letter    

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          After seeing this, I believe [] needs to look into the relationship between Cheryl Wilson and the company awarded the contract for the Aquatics Activities (The competition swim Team company) at the pool. [There was a] Committee to make changes and correct the swimming pool rules and activities for ALL the community (it went nowhere). They recommended that the Board look into the swim team business vendor and look for alternatives for competitive bidding, Cheryl went ballistic and defended the current company as if she had something to personally lose. (just an observation)
Keep up the good work.
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