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As of the mailing of this newsletter on February 5, 2004, it appears that Szwajkos/Dry/Wilson/Tinnelly rule gets more undemocratic:

  • The Directors are NOT acting on the homeowner's term limit petition and are NOT calling the Special Meeting of the homeowners (as required by the CC&Rs) and they are depriving the homeowners of their right to democratically decide on term limits.
  • Rather than making an effort to provide correct calendar information the management company did propose to the Directors to eliminate the calendar from the official web site. The Directors have decided to go along and are depriving the homeowner of timely information.

  • The sitting Directors appointed yet another friend of theirs onto the Board. There was no democratic election. The homeowners were denied the change of any input.

  • The Directors demonstrate their power over the homeowners by re-hiring the security guard Miguel Perreira who had been re-assigned because of abusive behavior.

  • The Directors defy the homeowners by refusing to even acknowledge the petition of the homeowners about the controversial fence color.


This newsletter is also available as a PDF download. (It is 4.1MB, be prepared!)



Please compare the above information and its timeliness with the outdated non-information in the "official" newsletter.




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