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The Paradox of Having an Employee of the Board

A business employee is expected to help her employers achieve their goals and generally serve the best interest of her employers.

Homeowners in an association expect their board members to make decisions to serve the best interest of the homeowners.

An unbridgeable conflict is created when an association hires an employee who is also a homeowner. Mrs. Cheryl Wilson, the homeowner, would expect the Board to work for her best interest, yet Mrs. Cheryl Wilson, the Employee of the Board, would be obligated, against her best interests as a homeowner, to serve the best interest of the board, her employer.

  • Why was this employee position created?
  • Why isn't this position filled by a non-homeowner employee of the management company.
  • Who is supervising this employee on a daily basis?
  • Are some Directors receiving undisclosed benefits from their Employee?

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More on Cheryl Wilson
I agree Cheryl should go. Most of the time when I called the office she was not there. When I went there in person, she was always on the phone. She would said over the phone 'wait a minute', then asked me what I want. Apparently she was chatting on the phone.

Marina Hills Homeowner 0402070903

Keep up the good work!
     I haven't had much exposure to the board but I have gotten the overall feeling that there is no accountability for the board and Cheryl Wilson. Cheryl is the only one I and my neighbors have dealt with and there has been a feeling that she is doing you a favor and not there working for all the homeowners.
     My observation is the boards are like cities were 20-30 years ago. Cities would do what they wanted with little opposition and no accountibility. It would be great to see the board have some accountibility. Not that its a huge issue, but why does Cheryl Wilson's position get her own parking spot...she is there to serve the association, but she can't walk 15 extra feet - not a big deal, but its just part of the whole attitude of entitlement that I see with that position and the board.

Monaco Homeowner 0402091444
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